Super Medical Mat

The Super Medical Mat is a health promotion thermal storage mat made out of black silica. Our product helps to prevent blood circulation problems that arise from chronic illnesses. It is portable and easy to carry along, for example, desk work, driving for long distances, airplane flight, fatigue after exercises, Etc. It improves blood flow and promotes immunity so that you can spend healthy, bright, and energetic days. This product is an approved medical device by the United States Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) in August 2005. 

Therefore, using this product will reduce your health insurance and nursing expenses, most especially for the elderly.

Let us live a healthy life without illness

When the body temperature falls, systemic metabolism worsens and various physical symptoms appear. Super Medical Mats can dilate blood vessels and improve blood flow just by sleeping without taking any medicine, and you can expect to increase basal body temperature.

The world`s epoch-making only health promotion mat has undergone clinical trials.




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